49.00 m Retired Ship Renovation Project

Passenger ships of Istanbul have been called "Vapur" since 1851 which are the cultural heritage of Bosphorus Region and Istanbul. Also, people believe that these ships have souls to glamourize the Istanbul silhouette aswell. 


The vapur named Kaptan Gunduz Aybay, which had been launched in 1988, retired after wonderfull 26 years in 2014. An investor, who want to protect the values of vapur's, bought this ship to converge her a cultural venue. 

This renovation project contains the structural, electrical, mechanical refit projects, interior and exterior design process. As OEK Marine, our responsibilities are project management and design consultancy. 

Because it is an ongoing project and not having an announcement ceremony, we are not able to share the current pictures of ship. These pictures belongs to either design or pre-refit operations.

Main Dimensions

L: 49.00 m (160 ft)

B: 10,00 m (32,8 ft)

T: 2,60 m (8,5 ft)





1x750 hP Pendik Sulzer


Max & Cruise Speed

16 knot & 11 knot

Passenger Capacity

500 pax 


Inshore Ship Regulations of Turkish Loyd Regulation

Your light illuminates the water 



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